George Wein's Newport All-Stars

Sample this concert
  1. 1Introduction01:27
  2. 2Lester Leaps In07:38
  3. 3Lover Come Back To Me02:58
  4. 4Blue And Sentimental03:14
  5. 5When My Sugar Walks Down The Street05:57
  6. 6If I Had You06:36
  7. 7Sweet Georgia Brown03:08
  8. 8Blues08:44
  9. 9I May Be Wrong09:36
  10. 10Basin Street Blues05:13
  11. 11Jeepers Creepers07:55
  12. 12These Foolish Things04:22
  13. 13When Your Lover Has Gone03:52
  14. 14Ain't Misbehaving09:57
  15. 15Sugar04:51
  16. 16Found A New Baby05:17
  17. 17Band Introduction03:07
  18. 18Band Introduction02:39
Liner Notes

01-AnnouncerIntro.wav 02-LesterLeapsIn.wav 03-SongIntro.wav 04-LoverComeBack.wav 05-SongIntro.wav 06-BlueAndSentimental.wav 07-WhenMySugarWalksDownTheStreet.wav 08-SongIntro.wav 09-IfIHadYou.wav 10-SongIntro.wav 11-SweetGeorgiaBrown.wav 12-Blues.wav 13-SongIntro.wav 14-IMayBeWrong.wav 15-SongIntro.wav 16-BasinStreetBlues.wav 17-SongIntro.wav 18-JeepersCreepers.wav 19-SongIntro.wav 20-TheseFoolishThings.wav 21-SongIntro.wav 22-WhenYourLoverHasGone.wav 23-AintMisbehaving.wav 24-SongIntro.wav 25-Sugar.wav 26-SongIntro.wav 27-FoundANewBaby.wav 28-Unknown.wav 29-Unknown-Outtake.wav 30-UnknownOuttake.wav