Geddy Lee

  • Date Jan 7, 1989
  • Total Length 26:02
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Liner Notes

While Geddy Lee talks about his personal influences, the music he was listening to at the time, and the awards he had received as a bassist, this interview focuses mostly on his band, Rush. Recorded to promote their third live release, A Show of Hands, Scott Muni spends a good deal of time asking about the album and accompanying film, as well as Rush's focus on live performances. They also review the origins of the group and how they had managed to stay together for so long. Noteworthy for its directness, this interview is a good place to get to know a band that is still going strong today.

00:18 - Rush's reputation as a live band / why they release live albums
02:33 - The material on A Show of Hands
03:35 - Potential for a film supplementing the live album
04:40 - Originally learning the guitar, switching to the bass
06:08 - Early influences / influence of Jack Bruce
06:42 - Conning his mother into buying a bass for him
07:33 - How Rush originally got together
09:47 - Intro to "Red Sector A"
11:05 - Why there's no tour for A Show of Hands
12:10 - Planning the next studio album
13:04 - Taking time off so the band can stay together
16:20 - Favorite current bands / diversification of taste with increasing age
17:29 - The diversification of genres within rock
18:54 - Intro to "Marathon" / reproducing the song live with technology
21:24 - The beginnings of using the synths on stage
21:57 - Thoughts on the 2112 album / intro to "The Twilight Zone"
22:50 - Thoughts on receiving bass-player-of-the-year awards
25:09 - Outro