Frizzel and West

Sample this concert
  1. 1Intro00:59
  2. 2I'm So Excited03:49
  3. 3Texas (When I Die)03:37
  4. 4Another Motel Memory03:03
  5. 5One Way Rider03:14
  6. 6To Daddy03:27
  7. 7Band Introductions02:34
  8. 8Country Sunshine02:40
  9. 9Flight 309 To Tennessee03:49
  10. 10Jose Cuervo03:20
  11. 11The White Trash Song04:55
  12. 12Lost My Baby Blues02:51
  13. 13If You've Got the Money I've Got the Time02:28
  14. 14Always Late (With Your Kisses)00:43
  15. 15I Walk The Line02:53
  16. 16Roll Over Beethoven03:07
  17. 17Unknown Instrumental02:24
  18. 18Where Are You Spending Your Nights These Days02:46
  19. 19Why You Been Gone So Long05:10
  20. 20I'll Break Out Again Tonight03:32
  21. 21I'm Gonna Hire A Wino To Decorate Our Home04:05
  22. 22Another Honky Tonk Night On Broadway02:13
  23. 23You Still Do It For Me02:07
  24. 24Silent Partner03:46
  25. 25I Just Came Here To Dance02:47
  26. 26You're The Reason God Made Oklahoma04:34