Frank Zappa

  • Date Nov 6, 1975
  • Total Length 47:37
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Liner Notes

When Frank Zappa sat down in New York to record this interview with Mary Travers, it was technically in support of his recent live album, Bongo Fury. In actuality, the two end up talking more about contemporary classical music. Indeed, Zappa is well known for his "sophistication" and his distaste for consumer culture, and these viewpoints are well represented here as he expresses his opinions about opera and the current state of rock and roll. His sense of humor also shines throughout, as can be heard in stories about The Beatles, Elton John, and the Bonzo Dog Doo Da Band.

00:11 - The new album, Bongo Fury / losing weight
01:21 - Other live albums / engineering live recordings
02:38 - Decision making while mixing
03:42 - The group on Bongo Fury
04:08 - Not being able to keep people in the band
05:25 - A musical education in a library / recommended reading
07:36 - Hyping contemporary classical music / what radio stations should play
10:59 - Record companies' and schools' pinheaded take on classical music
12:28 - Discussing Alban Berg / his favorite works for experiencing deep inner hurt
13:52 - Penderecki's The Devils of Loudun
15:56 - Lisztomania and Tommy
16:25 - Interesting contemporary pop bands / playing with synthesizers
17:21 - Theater unions driving theater out of business (and a good alternative)
18:35 - What happened to the old Columbia lot off Sunset Blvd. / Charles Ives
20:07 - Not a consumer of rock and roll records / causing Elton John to mess up
21:40 - The myth of camaraderie between musicians / hello to Elton
22:46 - Alice Cooper / The Bonzo Dog Doo Da Band
23:49 - The sickening thing about classical music / making a buck with rock and roll
26:47 - We're Only in It for the Money / The Beatles / Timothy Leary
28:19 - Touring / finding time to write
29:09 - Thoughts of working with an orchestra / volume and mixing problems
32:41 - Theatrics in rock / The Rolling Stones / repetition in theater vs. rock
35:25 - New York City vs. Baltimore
36:05 Dictionary of American Slang, The Devil's Dictionary, The Encyclopedia of Angels
37:08 - Working with the audience
38:39 - Different responsibilities in studio recordings vs. live performances
40:44 - Current music as an offense to people's intelligence
41:31 - All new material on Bongo Fury / writing songs and then doing the work
42:19 - Songs changing with personnel changes
43:07 - Taping concerts, documenting changes
43:46 - Thoughts on television: technologically and morally
44:29 - Shopping around an unreleased TV special (what later became The Dub Room Special)