Flogging Molly Mar 29, 2013

Flogging Molly

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  1. 1Welcome to Daytrotter00:06
  2. 2Saints and Sinners03:42
  3. 3The Wanderlust03:25
  4. 4Paddy's Lament03:28
  5. 5The Heart of the Sea03:41
Flogging Molly Mar 29, 2013
Liner Notes

Flogging Molly lead singer Dave King has a way of making you feel that the damage has been done and there's nothing that's going to undo the damage. Folks are lucky if they have anything to eat, other than stale tears and green beer in this legendary band's sin-riddled songs. They are all efforts that show people scorned, people abandoned, people sullied, people who have been broken, rebuilt and then destroyed again, almost for sport. They have felt the bit of every tooth out there. They've been stripped to nothing and they've been through the grinder like the lame horses that they might have been in a prior life. These are songs about brothers and swine. Sometimes they're one and the same. They should all be watched carefully. Sinners here are seen almost as colorful folk heroes. They are appreciated, or understood, just as well as any saints might be - maybe even more so than the saints, who surely have some things to hide. They'll get there, as King sings here:

"Saints and sinners are but we
Twisted wrecks of symmetry
Like broken arrows split
Against the mindless rift we feed
Saints and sinners are
And each other's company we seek
Though we took our separate paths
Back to the womb where we collapsed
On buildings full of living bricks
Cementing walls a dangerous fix
Saints and sinners are
Begrudgers who will never mix
Contemplating right from wrong
In retrospect we don't get on
So Armageddon here we come
Who are the chosen ones?
Consequences who you've been
For in damnation Satan grins
We're saints and we're sinners
Nothing more than lost beginners
Both now facing endless falls
Its hell or heaven cry's
The pulpits' scorn
Every saint now has a past
So may the sinners' future last
Every ghost still has a haunt
Where he or she feels they belong
All possessing tortured souls
Confessing all that's yet to be
Saints and sinners are
Lunatics a vicious breed
So Armageddon here we come
Who are the chosen ones?
Consequences who you've been
For in damnation Satan grins."