Escape Club

Sample this concert
  1. 1Who Do You Love?04:33
  2. 2Jealousy03:42
  3. 3The Longest Day04:56
  4. 4Shout The Walls Down04:07
  5. 5White Fields04:13
  6. 6Shake For The Sheik05:38
  7. 7Only The Rain03:12
  8. 8Goodbye Joey Rae05:25
  9. 9Walking Through Walls06:42
  10. 10Wild, Wild West09:27
  11. 11Telegram Sam04:14
Liner Notes

Trevor Steel - lead vocals; John Holliday - guitar; Milan Zekavica - drums; John Christo - bass

Emerging from the ashes of two London based club bands in the late mid 1980s, Escape Club was initially ignored in its native U.K. Their first album was rejected by EMI, who had signed them; they recorded another, which was also passed on. Eventually, the band ended up on Atlantic Records, where they found tremendous success with the title track to their second album, The Wild Wild West.

The momentum produced by that song sent the band to the Top 20 both in the States and abroad. MTV jumped on the Western-themed music video and put it into heavy rotation. By Christmas of 1988, they had a gold album and a gold single, and become a solid touring club and small theater act. Members of the band were all amazing musicians, especially the overtly charismatic vocalist Trevor Steel, and guitarist John Holliday. They had a minor hit with a follow up, "Shake For The Sheik," and tried four years later with a second studio album, but by then, the momentum was clearly gone.

This show was recorded while the band was in their performing and recording prime. They play with incredible passion and seem genuinely grateful that American new wave audiences had so warmly accepted them. Steel offers an outstanding vocal performance and should have had the goods to be a successful solo artist after Escape Club disbanded. Highlights of this Boston show include "The Longest Day," "Shake For The Sheik," "Wild Wild West," "Walking Through The Walls" and a great re-make of the T-Rex classic "Telegram Sam."