Eric Hutchinson Apr 2, 2014

Eric Hutchinson

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  1. 1Welcome to Daytrotter00:04
  2. 2Watching You Watch Him03:06
  3. 3Rock And Roll03:10
  4. 4Forever03:27
  5. 5Tell The World02:37
Eric Hutchinson Apr 2, 2014
Liner Notes

One song in this debut session by Eric Hutchinson doesn't fit with the general theme of the rest of the batch. It's a song about a guy, impatient for the weekend, for getting out to the clubs with steep cover charges and fancy drinks. He's anxious to get out there and into the mix, hunting for someone warm that he can take a tumble with. He's prepared to drink as much as it takes to get to the promised land. It's about the swing of hips and touching skin and "another chance at cheap romance." It's a story of weak connection between two people, leading somewhere that could get serious in a hurry. These are the indiscretions that could lead to parts unknown and the slipperiness of the situation is both intoxicating and problematic.

It's not what Hutchinson builds most of his songs around. He doesn't mess with disposable relationships or people very often, but rather focuses on those people and relationships that stick in your skin like barbs from a raspberry vine or a rose bush. They're attached to something pretty or sweet and they lure you into something deeper and more intense. The people that he most often writes about aren't the typical characters who "fall in love as they fall in bed." They are the kind of people who are bowled over by the strength of what they feel for someone else, on a level that's kind of scary. They're capable of surviving the grim times on love alone. They can sense what forever will feel like with someone and they can't wait to get there.