Sample this concert
  1. 1Rock 'N' Roll Party04:11
  2. 2I Just Can't Forget It03:44
  3. 3The Feeling I've Got For You04:49
  4. 4Too Fast, Too Slow / She Came11:51
  5. 5The Meaning Of Love04:47
  6. 6Live On The Mountain08:17
  7. 7Body To Body, Head To Head / Let's Roll13:53
Liner Notes

Steve "JJ" Lockhart - guitar, vocals; Steve Gunner - guitar, keyboards, vocals; David Harper - keyboards; Chris Paulsen - drums; Chris Littleton - bass

Not much is known about the band Eli. (There are a few groups that have used that name, but this band was working on the west coast in the mid-1970s). The band was formed in Redding, California, and moved to the Bay Area in the early part of 1974. From there they hooked up with producer "Jelly Roll" Troy. Playing a version of Southern Rock that had more of a heavy metal leaning than the Allmans or Skynyrd, Eli was able to attract some label interest and caught the ear of promoter Bill Graham, who gave them a few shows, including this one in January 1975, opening for KISS and Third Rail.

Shortly after this show, as it was likely a label deal might come together, they had what guitarist Steve Gunner calls "management troubles," which caused the breakup of the band.

Of the members of Eli, only Gunner (who also plays keyboards), went on to any recognition. Gunner, in the late-1970s, played in a band with Skynyrd drummer Artemus Pyle, and in 1994 was asked to join the revised CCR, called Creedence Clearwater Revisited, which includes original members Stu Cook and Doug Clifford. Gunner is still recording and touring with CCR today.