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  1. 1Novocaine For The Soul04:04
  2. 23 Speed02:36
  3. 3Climbing To The Moon03:49
  4. 4Last Stop: This Town02:49
  5. 5Hospital Food03:12
Liner Notes

E (Mark Everett) - vocals, guitar, bongos; Adam Siegel- guitar, bass, vocals; Butch Norton - percussion, drums, vocals

Captured live on the second day of the 1998 Bridge School Benefit, enjoy Eels unveiling new material, two days prior to their acclaimed second album Electro-Shock Blues release. The set opener, "Novocaine For The Soul" the song most responsible for gaining them initial exposure, is the sole exception of older material. Here E and Adam perform it as a duo.

Following this, Butch joins in for the remainder of the set, which ventures into the forthcoming Electro-Shock Blues album material, beginning with more delicate pieces like "3 Speed" and "Climbing To The Moon," before tackling death and mortality in "Last Stop: This Town" and "Hospital Food."