Edgar Winter's White Trash

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  1. 1Bill Graham Introduction00:59
  2. 2Where Would I Be (Without You)05:17
  3. 3Let's Get It On07:35
  4. 4Tobacco Road15:47
  5. 5Turn On Your Love Light09:09
Liner Notes

Edgar Winter - keyboards, saxophone, vocals; Jerry La Croix - vocals, harmonica, saxophone; Sherman Marshall Cyr - trumpet; Floyd Radford - guitar; Randy Jo Hobbs - bass; Bobby Ramirez - drums

In many ways, this recording is the best existing early example of Edgar Winter in performance, fronting his own group. Winter's gospel roots, along with those of his co-lead vocalist Jerry La Croix, help take their distinctive music to a level well beyond what any other white bluesmen were doing in the early 1970s. The group consisted of some of the most talented Texas white blues and rock musicians, and Edgar's multi-instrumental abilities and uniquely expressive voice are immediately captivating.

Following Bill Graham's introduction, the group begins with a passionate take on the melodic "Where Would I Be," followed by the exciting "Let's Get It On" - both originals from the band's self-tilted album. Time limitations being a concern, the band wastes no time and dives headlong into a lengthy version of John D. Loudermilk's classic, "Tobacco Road." This is a powerful performance that ranges from pure, traditional blues to energetic, rock abandon over the course of 15 minutes. Though the vocals occasionally lapse into screaming, Winter is somehow able to make even this seem to work. One senses that the entire extravaganza is actually a tightly controlled arrangement that never looses the audience and maintains an extraordinarily high level of excitement.

This momentum is sustained into and through the set closer, "Turn On Your Lovelight," which showcases the great musicianship and total authenticity that this group was able to achieve. The enthusiasm level is absolutely contagious and this particular group was one of the most compelling R&B bands to ever take the Fillmore stage.