Eddie Money

  • Date Oct 22, 1988
  • Total Length 27:02
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Liner Notes

In an interview published in a 1982 Rolling Stone article, Eddie cites two different aspects of himself. Referring to the rock and roll lifestyle that led to his near-death experience in late 1980, he described how Edward Mahoney, the hard-working kid from Brooklyn, had succumbed to Eddie Money, the rock star everyone knew. Recognizing his demons helped him get back on track and, by the time he had this talk with Scott Muni in 1988, he was supporting his fourth album since 1980.

Nothing to Lose was released in 1988 and featured the top ten hit "If I Could Walk on Water." There is an introductions to that song and other cuts from the album in this interview, as well as introductions for his biggest hits: "Baby Hold On," "Two Tickets to Paradise," and "Take Me Home Tonight."

The other recollections and stories contained here cover everything from his childhood to his future plans. Throughout, we are offered a glimpse of both Mahoney and Money as tales of womanizing and getting high are interspersed with claims that he wants to make it to his mother's house for a home-cooked meal. Whatever the content, Eddie talks without pretense, and while this sometimes comes across as impulsivity, it is wonderful to hear his New York accent speaking from the heart.

00:12 - Why and how Eddie makes money
01:03 - Taking his time to make the new album
01:58 - Intro to "If I Could Walk On Water"
02:27 - Intro to "Let Me In"
04:04 - Growing up / choosing to be a singer over being a policeman
05:23 - Living in Berkeley, CA under martial law
05:43 - What Eddie wants to do: producing, voice lessons
06:47 - Musicians on the new album / who wrote "American Pie?"
08:08 - Intro to "Take Me Home Tonight" / working with Ronnie Spector
09:10 - The continuing influence of Ronnie Spector
09:37 - A fan's portrayal of Eddie in an air guitar contest
09:56 - Intro to "Pull Together" / being a womanizer
11:11 - Starting out singing covers / the 60's never went away / meeting Roy Orbison
12:23 - Being a grown-up / staying humble
13:31 - Wishing he was still opening for other bands
14:47 - Doing charity gigs / in the black again / not wanting to be a rock star
16:06 - Intro to "Love In Your Eyes" / having a chance to scat
17:30 - Intro to "Two Tickets to Paradise" / she eventually left him anyway
18:40 - Not selling "Two Tickets" for commercial use
19:10 - Eddie's take on "Rhapsody in Blue"
20:00 - Eddie's instrument of choice
21:28 - King Curtis
22:27 - Intro to "Dancing With Mr. Jitters" / not getting high anymore
24:18 - Still having fun
26:08 - Writing "Baby Hold On" on a roll of toilet paper