Ed Drewett

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  1. 1Welcome to Daytrotter00:13
  2. 2Passenger02:42
  3. 3Drunk Dial03:06
  4. 4Undefeated03:41
  5. 5Blink03:15
Ed Drewett May 1, 2013
Liner Notes

There's a mystical light that - spoken of or just left implied - rolls through all of Ed Drewett's songs. It's the seed that he builds everything else around - some idea that there's always a flickering glow somewhere within that can be called upon in times of need. The light can be actual light. It can be a porch light that's kept on for the safe arrival home of a loved one, punching a hole through the dark of a night. Or it can be something proverbial, something that's not easily explained. It can be something harbored inside, to be used only when needed. Drewett sings on "Blink," "But it's gonna take love and a light to save us all/Blink twice and a light will save us all/Find your way home and a light will save us all/Oh please."

As he sings those words, it feels as if he's placing a lot of pressure on that light, not just in this context, but all the time. He's invested in the light and it had better come through for him when he needs it. There's more faith in this light than in anything else, but there is always skepticism whenever you're dealing with an element that you have a hard time touching or seeing. The believers just believe and they have their reasons for doing so, but there's no surefire ability to sway anyone's own beliefs. They'll either have it in them or they won't.

Drewett takes a classic underdog role in his writing, singing that, "We are the exception." It's a statement that he might make regarding a whole host of things. He simply means that he's going to be a tough little nugget to bring down. He'll take plenty of punches and he knows that he'll be able to take plenty more where those came from. He has faith in the unseen, in the good word of a trusted love and he's always ready to follow that faith. He sings on "Passenger," "If you let me pick you up/I will never put you down/If you tell me where to go/I will never turn around/I will drive us there tonight/We can leave the past behind/I'm ready to learn the twists and the turns." The headlights or the flashlights click on and he's letting them lead.