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  1. 1Welcome to Daytrotter00:05
  2. 2Luther04:30
  3. 3No More Power06:01
  4. 4Snow05:00
Eaux Oct 9, 2012
Liner Notes

Eaux music is much like the day that today turned out to be. It's mostly anchored in jacket weather, in the kind of temperatures that surprise you. They don't make you hate them. It's not that cold, but they sneak up on you. Even with a flannel and a t-shirt on underneath a coat, you realize that your feet are pretty cold, your nose is running and you could probably stand for one more layer, just to be absolutely comfortable. This is earlier in the day, though, before things have had a chance to dance themselves out of this picture, before the sun's been given a good honest shake.

Once we get far enough into their halls, these days, like the songs that Sian Ahearn and Ben Crook make, are inviting and warm, just never too warm. They don't want you to think that you know them or anything like that. They'd rather you think of them as wild cards, as a little unpredictable, sort of making you afraid to take off that coat because the sun might drift behind the gray clouds and the temperature could drop 10 or 15 degrees and then you'll be back to where you started, with the runny nose and the frozen toes.

These songs are impressive gusts of simmering thoughts and feelings, entrancing and loaded with delicate touches.