Duran Duran

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  1. 1The Reflex06:50
Liner Notes

Simon LeBon - vocals; Nick Rhodes - synthesizer, keyboards; Andy Taylor - guitar, vocals; John Taylor - bass, vocals; Roger Taylor - percussion, drums; Charmaine Burch - vocals; B.J. Nelson - vocals; Raphael Dejesus - percussion; Andy Hamilton - saxophone

This recording from the band's return to its hometown only contains "The Reflex," which makes it difficult to know how spectacular this concert was. The group was two years into their celebrity status and was finally returning to the place wherethey began four years prior. Duran Duran had expanded to nine pieces with the addition of two vocalists, a percussionist, and a saxophonist, and had an immense sound, which made their songs sound even better than they did on most of the original recordings, as is the case with this one song, "The Reflex."

Duran Duran became superstars (and remain a solid recording and touring act) because they were never afraid to take chances, and unlike so many of the other now forgotten pop bands to come out of the new wave area, they had a solid front man (LeBon) and strong material. It is safe to say that when this show was recorded, this quintet from Birmingham were certainly at the top of their game when they came home for this local show.

Duran Duran had a number of charted songs beginning in 1982, including "Rio," "Hungry Like The Wolf," "Make Me Smile," and the memorable "Girls On Film" (which exploded after MTV put its provocative music video into heavy rotation). They remained chart-topping, pop superstars through most of the 1980s. The band, however, would splinter in the early 1990s. It was not until 2002 that the original line-up reformed. They stayed together through the end of 2006, when John Taylor left once again. They have carried on as quartet.