Divine Fits Jun 10, 2013

Divine Fits

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  1. 1Neopolitans04:43
  2. 2Baby Get Worse04:59
  3. 3Civilian Stripes02:30
  4. 4Like Ice Cream03:32
Divine Fits Jun 10, 2013
Liner Notes

People are nothing but drugs in Divine Fits songs. One is addicting to another and it quickly becomes evident which ones don't mix. There are some powerful combinations of people all over the band's debut album, "A Thing Called Divine Fits." There is a general feeling of anxiousness, of a rubber band being pulled tighter and tighter, the two people pulling away from on another, making everything between them taut and nerve-wracking.

The synthesizer parts in "Neopolitans," is enough to make you look over your shoulder, to give you the feeling that something's horribly awry and if you're not on the lookout, you're gonna get stung. It's a sentiment that ripples through these tales, sprung from the lives of people piling themselves into bottomless nights and lost weekends, trying desperately to latch onto something worth holding onto. It's sung here that they "hit the city, but the city didn't mind," giving us the setting for most of these stories of excursion and strain, of bending and breaking into the bodies of acquaintances who have something you'd like, but likely will never get.

Britt Daniel, Dan Boeckner, Sam Brown and Alex Fischel create these hyper-intense moods that feel as if all involved are on the brink of a breakdown. They've been taking it all in and they're getting to the point where the wires are fraying and smokes coming out of their ears. They're still not settling up their tabs at the bar though. They're slapping hard on the wood, barking for another shot before midnight gets a little darker and the possibilities are quite a lot less endless.

The people making most of the effort and those that are being sought are looking for that perfect fix, for that feeling that they imagine is out there and when Daniel sings, "My heart was beatin' a little out of time/She can really get me gone," this could be the consensus about all willing parties rummaging through these terrains. There's something's that's been triggered, something that's making everything feel, if not go completely haywire. It's addictive and it's alluring. It's what everyone's thinking they want and they're hot on the trail of it, they think. The clock is ticking like a racing heart and it's as scary as it is exhilarating.