Dickey Betts

  • Date Dec 3, 1988
  • Total Length 23:04
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Liner Notes

Dickey Betts made his name as a co-founder of and guitarist for The Allman Brothers Band. He wrote a handful of their better-known songs, including "Ramblin' Man," "Jessica," "In Memory of Elizabeth Reed," and "Blue Sky." In other words, he's legend.

Before 1988, Betts had been on a bit of a hiatus, having not recorded an album in 7 years. If nothing else, this interview makes it clear that he was happy to be back on the road. For example, it sounds like he had a blast at the previous night's historic jam at the Lonestar Roadhouse in New York. He also praises members of his new band, including Warren Haynes and Johnny Neal, crediting them for keeping him on his toes. As per his responsibilities as D.J. for the show, he also introduces some of the songs off of his new album, Pattern Disruptive. All in all, the interview depicts Dickey as a man with a love for his past, southern rock, and being in the mix of the live music experience.

00:10 - New album after 7 years
00:35 - Significance of album title: guitar-based blues rock
01:37 - Comfort with Southern rock / instrumentals
02:44 - Intro to "Duane's Tune"
03:15 - Dual lead guitars / Duane Allman, keyboards, Warren Haynes
04:20 - What would Duane say now?
05:43 - The immediate future / the new band
06:45 - A note from mommy
07:08 - Staying on the road for a while
07:30 - Mixing some old tunes into the set-list
08:42 - Feeling great, staying on one's toes
09:27 - Running into old friends: Volunteer Jams
11:37 - Singles before albums / improved vinyl technology
12:27 - Warren Haynes / intro to "Time to Roll"
12:56 - High on the whole band
13:31 - Johnny Neal / intro to "Far Cry"
14:47 - Live broadcast from The Lonestar Roadhouse
15:51 - Jam session: Mick Taylor, Rick Derringer, Jack Bruce
17:15 - Glad to be back on the road
18:12 - Cowboy boots by Joe Dan Petty
19:02 - Places to go on tour
20:50 - Blues guitar influences / intro to "Loverman"
22:22 - Outro