Desert Noises Jul 15, 2013

Desert Noises

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  1. 1Welcome to Daytrotter00:05
  2. 2Shiver03:55
  3. 3Silver Screen03:12
  4. 4Wings Of White02:39
  5. 5Puppet Will03:25
Desert Noises Jul 15, 2013
Liner Notes

The following is a list of things that the men of Provo, Utah band Desert Noises might be liable to build their songs around, songs of and like such men who have tumbled enough times to know the best ways to get up and to tumble less often, though they've found that there's nothing that anyone can do to avoid tumbling. The dirt is there to catch men. It's where they'll wind up soon, as well as sooner or later and there's a mutual respect and admiration shared.

Those things:
Lines like, "Your lips make horrible sounds."
Bears scratching their backs against the jagged bark of a tree trunk until the hide bleeds.
Coyotes yapping the dusk away, just looking for some tail or looking to fight.
A mouse skittering behind the refrigerator in the kitchen.
The taste of the air that another person's breathing.
A much-needed shower after a hard, or impossible few days.
A re-write - that chance to just reverse and eat words, stop yourself before you do that one damned thing you wish you'd never done.
Screaming out of a dirty mouth.
Lines like, "Meet me by the old oak tree/Watch the mountains fall into the sea."
Houses with yards.
Blushing cheeks.
The need for love that never goes away, that never ceases no matter what, no matter how old we become.
Night skies that are indifferent.
Night skies that are involved and interested.
Smoke breathing monsters.
Hot Julys.
Swimsuits that can still be conjured years later.
Sweet, sweet misery.

*Essay originally published October, 2012