Dennis DeYoung

  • Date Sep 17, 1984
  • Total Length 24:20
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Liner Notes

The release of the concept album Kilroy Was Here in 1983 brought tensions to a head within Styx, with Dennis DeYoung hoping to continue along a more theatrical path than guitarist and songwriter Tommy Shaw. Shaw left the band after the tour supporting Kilroy to make a solo album, and DeYoung decided to take the opportunity to record one as well.

This interview, recorded in 1984 in support of Desert Moon, touches on some interesting material about Styx and the new solo album, but is perhaps most significant as a result of its timing. At this point, DeYoung was certain that Styx would be getting back together, which, as history now tells us, did not happen until the 1990 reunion.

00:00 - Styx is still together / reason for making a solo album
01:17 - Styx is staying together independent of Desert Moon's success
01:59 - How the new solo album is different than Styx
02:56 - No creative limitations within Styx
04:03 - Reaction to The Beatles / how they spoke to him
06:59 - TW4: the original band / a band for the right reasons
08:15 - Recording with new musicians on Desert Moon
09:00 - Touring in support of the new album / the musicians
10:15 - The misconception of Styx as a business / the New York Times article
12:18 - A pattern of how to write songs
13:34 - Optimism in lyrics / lyrics based on himself
14:45 - Critical acclaim as the goal for an artist / impossibility of answering criticism
17:59 - Having a stage to say something meaningful
19:09 - Dennis' unknown sense of humor
19:28 - Success coming in small stages
20:12 - Wild and crazy times with Styx / Heineken plug
21:27 - Bitterness about success coming slowly with "Lady"
22:20 - Midwestern boys / staying in Chicago
23:20 - Life before Styx / playing the accordion