David Gilmour

  • Date May 1, 1978
  • Total Length 17:29
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Liner Notes

After the release of Animals and the subsequent "In the Flesh" tour in 1977, Pink Floyd took some time off, during which both David Gilmour and Richard Wright made solo albums. In support of his self-titled debut, Gilmour went on his first North American promotional tour, which included this radio interview from the King Biscuit archives.

00:00 - Why he made David Gilmour
00:52 - Potential for playing songs from the record with Pink Floyd
01:26 - Concerns (or lack thereof) with reactions to the album
02:16 - Not thinking of Pink Floyd when making the album
02:50 - The immediacy of the record
03:14 - The other players on the album (Joker's Wild)
03:33 - "Mihalis" (formerly "Instrumental in C"); using printing deadlines to come up with song titles
04:45 - "Short and Sweet"
05:10 - "I Can't Breathe Anymore"
05:45 - Compositional responsibilities in Pink Floyd
06:32 - Making something direct with Dark Side of the Moon
07:32 - Alan Parsons' limited role on Dark Side
07:44 - Animals as a concept album
08:40 - The work put in to presenting material in a live setting
09:36 - Thoughts on Led Zeppelin
10:20 - Possibility to tour for the new album, depending on plans for Pink Floyd
11:19 - Reason for taking so much time between Pink Floyd albums
12:49 - Talking a little bit about Syd Barrett; "Shine on You Crazy Diamond"
13:52 - Themes of madness and lunacy in Pink Floyd and solo songs
15:23 - Not listening to music; not naming guitarists that he likes
16:19 - David's guitar collection; Tony Zemaitis
17:07 - What he'll be doing in 1993