David Gilmour

  • Date Jun 18, 1984
  • Total Length 15:47
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Liner Notes

It is well documented that Roger Waters started to take more of a commanding role in Pink Floyd for Animals, The Wall, and, to an even larger extent, The Final Cut. After this last album, released in 1983, David Gilmour decided to release About Face, a response to his lessening responsibility as part of Pink Floyd.

This interview, recorded with Lisa Robinson, took place in New York City during his supporting tour for About Face. The new album and the solo tour provide the framework within which Robinson asks about the clashes and competition with Roger Waters, as well as the possibility of Pink Floyd getting back together. Although Gilmour's answers are extremely diplomatic, they also provide wonderful insight into what was happening behind the scenes.

00:00 - About Face vs. David Gilmour
00:50 - Unsure about the future of Pink Floyd
01:37 - Differences with Roger Waters causing the desire for an extra-curricular career
02:34 - Options for new careers
03:13 - Testing: touring solo vs. touring with Pink Floyd
03:58 - The Final Cut = The Last Straw
05:12 - Ground rules for possible future Pink Floyd albums
05:58 - Cheerful fatalism
06:29 - Who deserves credit for what in Pink Floyd / looking for proof in About Face
07:51 - The new audience demographic
08:19 - Grasping for an explanation of the success of Dark Side of the Moon
09:55 - More speculation about another Pink Floyd project
10:29 - Fighting with Roger Waters (not the inspiration for "Near the End")
11:38 - The inevitable comparisons / the competitive element
12:41 - Singing Pete Townshend lyrics
13:37 - Still "carousing" on tour / the ARMS tour / rock and roll growing up