David Bowie

Sample this concert
  1. 1Station To Station11:25
  2. 2Suffragette City03:27
  3. 3Fame03:48
  4. 4Word On A Wing06:03
  5. 5Stay06:53
  6. 6Panic In Detroit13:00
  7. 7Band Introduction00:40
  8. 8Changes04:05
  9. 9TVC 1504:58
  10. 10Diamond Dogs05:53
  11. 11Rebel Rebel04:03
  12. 12The Jean Genie07:03
Liner Notes

David Bowie - vocals; Carlos Alomar - guitar; Dennis Davis - drums; Stacey Heydon - guitar; Tony Kaye - keyboards; George Murray - bass

In 1976 David Bowie adopted a new persona: the Thin White Duke; and, to support his latest character, released a new album, Station to Station. This Nassau Coliseum show is taken from the world tour launched in support of the album.

David Bowie's tenth release found him wanting to push his musicians into more experimental areas, as the influence of German electronic music bands like Can and Kraftwerk was strong on him at the time. This album, however, proved to be more of the rock-format version of what was to come later with the "Berlin Trilogy," the collective name given to the three albums he recorded in collaboration with Brian Eno: Low, Heroes and Lodger.

Before the crowd has much time to react, the organ signals the opening of "Suffragette City," and explodes into an exceptional version of the 1972 hit. All of Bowie's sounds are wrapped nicely together here; experimentation, dark drones, upbeat pop hooks and the cheer of an audience who's glad the "Chameleon of Rock" has arrived.

The rest of the recording includes songs from his previous six albums from the years 1971 - 1976. Staples like "Diamond Dogs," "Changes" and "Rebel Rebel" display Bowie and the band's efficiency at this New York show.

The tour visited 11 countries with a total of 64 performances. Also, the month of this particular show is significant as marking the hour Bowie named his touring band "Raw Moon." Spacey, weird, unrefined - despite the tones in which he worked, the Bowie here stands ultimately for one thing: rock 'n' roll.