Daedelus Aug 2, 2010


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  1. 1Welcome to Daytrotter00:04
  2. 2SXSW Medley13:37
Daedelus Aug 2, 2010
Liner Notes

Alfred Darlington works the best as one big lump of stuff. We need him to just approach us and pile it on. We welcome such a thing. We want him to just come right up to us and heap all that he has right onto the tops of us, knocking us over with the weight and girth of all the sounds that he's blended together into these wonderfully poisoned vials of electronic funk - a kind of dance music for those who like an old and long-gone Philadelphia sound, but also appreciate Atlanta, Miami and Los Angeles for their many contributions to what he does. Daedelus songs - for these are the songs that we're talking about here - are cunning and harmonious with what causes movement as well as what we hope to do 24 hours a day when we vacation. On this single, continuous track - recorded this past March in Austin at Big Orange Studio - Darlington fuses together a handful of numbers that forces us to experience ourselves tumbling in a wide range of directions, but mostly giving us the option to sit back and gracefully, happily puff on a classy pipe, sip on a high-end glass of wine and read something provocative and classic or do something else and we're not really sure exactly what that might be. We might just choose the pipe, the cocktail and the tome of old words and chapters every time because, damn if it doesn't make us feel smarter to do so. And, we're getting to be older men. We're losing our hair a bit - okay, quite a lot - at the temples and we're finding that we like being home more than we like being away. Daedelus songs make you want to go out on the town just a bit too, but depending on where your head is at the time, the forces may or may not work on you and you may just sit in and feed a thirst for chill time. You may just turn down all the lights - if you have stain-resistant carpet in your study, for that wine typically isn't going to come out and reach for your hand - and let yourself be surrounded by the lounge-y soundscapes that Darlington creates in abundance. We leave it to him to enrich us and entertain us - no small task.