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  1. 1Hey You02:42
  2. 2Worst Enemy05:03
  3. 3Bruised Fun05:30
  4. 4You Know I Love You03:27
Cusses Jan 22, 2013
Liner Notes

The thought that Cusses lead singer Angel Bond would ever be coy about her feelings for someone is as preposterous as they come. There would be no dropping of hints or suspicious, open-ended love notes. It would be a whole lot of grabbing and tugging and clawing. There would be sweaty windows and slicked skin. There would be little consideration. It would be gut-check time and if there weren't wriggly feelings down in the bottom of the stomach, she wouldn't want any part of you anyway. She'll take it the rough way. She'll come right in and get it - whatever she wants, when she wants it because if it doesn't begin like an inferno, it will never be what she wants it to be.

The passion that those that she writes about in the Savannah, Georgia band's songs seek is borderline mental. It's crazy and messy. It burns from the inside out and it illuminates these people with an urge and an expectation that can't be tamed. They sound hungry, almost ravenous and they're going to get what they want from you or they're going to tear you apart trying. They might just leave you as a loved up carcass on the side of the road, but it was an adventure nonetheless. Bond sings, "It starts with a little kiss, to blow us all away," on this session's opening song, "Bruised Fun," letting us know that she expects explosives. It's going to get dangerous. It's going to be eventful. These relationships are the kinds that happen all over the place, where they're one thing to some people and a whole other thing to others. There are veneers and there are assumptions made about them, but everything about them is volatile and unstable. It's partly what makes them interesting for those involved with them, not to mention those watching them happen right in front of them.

Those in Cusses songs insist upon love, choking the affection out of people, daring it to flee. These people will hunt love down and they will trap it. No one said it was supposed to be easy, or even that pleasurable. It's just supposed to be undeniable, as if two bodies are spurred on by emotions and attractions that they cannot control or hide. They are impulsive and they're positive that if they feel ANYTHING this strong, they are to see it all the way through, even if that means going temporarily insane for it.