Creedence Clearwater Revival

Sample this concert
  1. 1Born On The Bayou05:22
  2. 2Green River03:55
  3. 3It Came Out Of The Sky03:31
  4. 4Door To Door03:25
  5. 5Travelin' Band03:30
  6. 6Fortunate Son02:21
  7. 7Commotion04:13
  8. 8Lodi04:02
  9. 9Bad Moon Rising02:15
  10. 10Proud Mary04:08
  11. 11Up Around The Bend03:32
  12. 12Hey Tonight03:04
  13. 13Sweet Hitchhiker02:48
  14. 14John Fogerty Speech01:08
  15. 15Keep On Chooglin'08:07
  16. 16Bill Graham Outro / Introduction of Allen Ginsberg02:32
Liner Notes

John Fogerty - guitar, lead vocals; Stu Cook - bass; Doug Clifford - drums

Certainly one of the most popular bands of the late '60s, and by far the most commercially successful of all the Bay Area bands, Creedence Clearwater Revival knew how to rock. Captured here toward the end of their career, after they'd become a trio (Tom Fogerty had departed the previous year), the band performs an outstanding set that is undoubtedly one of the highlights of the Fillmore's closing week.

With the exception of two obscurities - "It Came Out Of The Sky" and "Door To Door" - this set is overflowing with CCR's most memorable hits, with material from their two strongest albums, Willy & The Poor Boys and Cosmo's Factory, being heavily represented. One couldn't wish for more from a Creedence set, and John Fogerty is in great form, playing all the guitar parts and belting out lyrics with both power and conviction. They stick close to the studio arrangements for the most part, which was a good thing in CCR's case, given Fogerty's ability as a songwriter. He seems to have a knack for boiling arrangements down to their essential elements.

This highly-distilled quality defined the group's sound and was a key ingredient to their monumental success with hit singles. Highlights in this set include a ferocious rendition of "Fortunate Son," which nicely segues into "Commotion" and an exemplary performance of "Up Around The Bend." They end the set with both sides of their last single, "Sweet Hitchhiker" and "Hey Tonight." Following these two, set-ending tunes, Fogerty briefly speaks to the audience about CCR's history at the various San Francisco ballrooms before they launch into the one extended jam of the show, "Keep On Chooglin'."

Following their set, Bill Graham takes the stage and introduces the legendary beat poet, Allen Ginsberg.