Country Mice Apr 22, 2013

Country Mice

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  1. 1Welcome to Daytrotter00:08
  2. 2What You've Done03:38
  3. 3What's For Dinner?02:30
  4. 4Your Black Crow03:49
  5. 5Name Is Just A Name04:10
Country Mice Apr 22, 2013
Liner Notes

This Country Mice session we can feel comfortable recommending to you if you like:
Days when you just can't cool down
Nights where it gets way cooler than you ever expected
The pornographic qualities of barns
Salted floors
The way blackbirds always look like they could give a fuck
Thunderstorms that you never suspected
Smoke rings
Thinking about what you actually have in your guts, in your chest
Time as it drags
The way your lungs always fill up again after emptying them