Country Joe McDonald

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  1. 1Bill Graham Introduction00:21
  2. 2Kiss My Ass02:31
  3. 3Entertainment Is My Business03:31
  4. 4The Fish Cheer00:10
  5. 5Fixin-To-Die-Rag01:02
  6. 6Rockin' All Around The World06:53
  7. 7Hold On It's Coming03:31
Liner Notes

Joe McDonald - guitar, vocals

This is an enjoyable short set featuring MacDonald completely solo. After being introduced by Bill Graham, he opens with two songs off the Incredible! Live LP, which sets the stage for some of his more humorous political commentary. These are followed by an obligatory nod to his legendary Woodstock appearance with "The Fish Cheer" and "Fixin-To-Die-Rag," one of the 1960's most ubiquitous protest songs concerning the Vietnam War.

After fielding requests from the enthusiastic audience, he ignores their suggestions and performs an acoustic version of the Country Joe and the Fish track "Rockin' All Around The World" before closing the set with the title track recorded for his forthcoming solo album, Hold On It's Coming.