Cody Chesnutt

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  1. 1Welcome to Daytrotter00:05
  2. 2Everybody's Brother03:26
  3. 3Love Is More Than A Wedding Day06:40
  4. 4What Kind Of Cool (Will We Think Of Next)04:18
Cody Chesnutt Feb 15, 2013
Liner Notes

This day after Valentine's Day is a good one to reflect on what happened yesterday. All kinds of pains were made to make sure that that one person that you've been living with, sharing a bed with, had children with, gave a ring to, made a promise to, or whatever your version of commitment is knew that he or she was all that you wanted and needed. Many of these sentiments came even after there have been many indications that such statements have all sorts of gray areas in them.

There have been infringements and failures all over the place. There have been reasons to doubt the love that you thought you shared. It has been compromised plenty of times. There have been fights and disagreements. Lamps have been broken. Dinners have gone cold, but we wind up back in that house and in that bed and that's gotta count for something. When someone is willing to have you back, to give you another shot at being able to unlock the front door and pull back those covers, that's gotta count for a lot.

Soul man Cody ChesnuTT is a guy who puts a lot into this idea of redemption and forgiveness, as if they're the two greatest gifts. One you give to yourself and the other can only be had when it's bestowed upon you by the person that you've hurt. They're both extremely gratifying and still they can be easily maimed or wounded. They can be taken back and you can be kicked the fuck out if you pull any of that shit again. His songs are about the struggles of staying on the right side of love, against the natural pull and forces apart or away from it.

He sings, "You don't walk away when it gets a little heavy now," but there's all kinds of wandering that happens that makes everything a little tense and a little sketchy. It's hard to avoid someone forgetting what brought them there in the first place, or what's kept them together since - over all of the bumps, the knots and the bottoming out. They must be reminded that it's going to be hard. They must be reminded that it might even be impossible.