Citizens! Jul 18, 2012


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  1. 1Welcome to Daytrotter00:11
  2. 2Caroline02:58
  3. 3Let's Go All The Way04:23
  4. 4Reptile03:55
  5. 5True Romance04:06
Citizens! Jul 18, 2012
Liner Notes

The only true definition that any of the folks in Citizens! songs have is that they're stuck between a rock and a hard place that's also something like a mirror, or a reflective surface. They're rather amorphous and shifty, for the time being. They're without any permanent knowledge, facts that are bedrock, that are never going to change for them. They are skeptical and they feel as if they haven't seen anything yet. They're adrift and just floating untethered, sure that they're going to be lost for a while, but it's not going to matter too damned much.

They lack any certainty, as the piano dance beats shuffle and the aloof, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah-like singing, plays on out behind them. These characters that the London-based group create seem those of the current generation of young adults who are leaving university, or never going to university and moving back in to the bedroom that their parents have been preserving for them, keeping everything intact for this very moment of prolonged unemployment or flitting around.

They're unsure with their aspirations and they're unsure about what it's going to take to find something like love, much less determine what it is that makes them tick properly, or more importantly, what's going to make them tick properly in the future. These are people who know nothing about true romance, but stab at it anyway, claim it as such, even when they should be positive that they're not looking at anything of the sort. They believe that they'll figure shit out someday. They'll know more about themselves someday. Until then, it's more stutter-steps and getting the feel for the faceless wave of time that's coming -- that will surely change everything and make it even more undefined.