Chuck Mangione w/Esther Satterfield

Sample this concert
  1. 1Can't We Do This All Night10:09
  2. 2Firewatchers08:45
  3. 3Please Treat Her Well09:29
  4. 4Sun Shower13:20
  5. 5If You Know Me Any Longer Than Tomorrow10:56
  6. 6Legend Of The One-Eyed Sailor11:12
  7. 7As Long As We're Together03:33
  8. 8He's Gone05:58
  9. 9The Old Country02:33
  10. 10Soft04:45
  11. 11You Are The Sunshine Of My Life02:49
  12. 12I Got Love03:18
  13. 13Land Of Make Believe05:48