Chrissie Hynde

  • Date Feb 1, 1984
  • Total Length 16:12
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Liner Notes

Another interview with Chrissie Hynde on this site was recorded in 1982, before the original Pretenders line-up had disbanded and while she was still trying to make sense of her fame. This talk, recorded only 2 years later, paints a very different picture. Including discussions about her daughter, working with a new band, and trying to have fun in a medium being ruined by the industry, this Chrissie Hynde seems more exhausted and cynical about her career. At the same time, she seems calmer and wiser as an individual, and even goes so far as to touch on her thoughts on death and religion.

00:00 - The Pretenders sound / carrying on without Honeyman-Scott and Farndon
01:24 - What a Chrissie Hynde solo project would entail
01:52 - Original aims for The Pretenders' sound
02:24 - The commitment of motherhood
03:25 - Motherhood's effect on life and songwriting
04:19 - Making Learning to Crawl
04:41 - Working with new people (Robbie McIntosh, Malcolm Foster)
05:50 - The aging of rock n' roll
06:44 - The relief of a rock n' roll lifestyle / irony vs. fate
07:51 - Perks of the lifestyle
08:34 - Playing the guitar
09:10 - Transcending a music "scene"
10:11 - The upcoming tour / feeling older / the Establishment of rock n' roll
12:07 - Trying to have fun in the new music business
13:01 - Belief in catastrophes / Chrissie's religion
15:04 - The experience of pregnancy
15:28 - Setting examples