Chris Whitley

Sample this concert
  1. 1Long Way Around04:34
  2. 2Narcotic Prayer04:20
  3. 3WPL03:17
  4. 4Know03:44
  5. 5O God My Heart Is Ready Now02:59
  6. 6Some Candy Talking04:46
  7. 7Can't Get Off04:11
  8. 8God Thing05:46
  9. 9Din03:42
  10. 10New Machine03:42
  11. 11Ultraglide03:21
  12. 12I Forget You Everyday05:58
  13. 13Liberation Or Death04:24
  14. 14Poison Girl03:13
Liner Notes

Chris Whitley - vocals, guitar; Lee Fox - bass; Billy Ward - drums

The set captures Whitley during a grunge-flavored phase of his career, though his sound was still based in blues traditions and Hendrix-like experimentation. The result is raw, intense and dark music with a soulful and atmospheric edge.