Catey Shaw

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  1. 1Welcome to Daytrotter00:02
  2. 2Human Contact03:22
  3. 3Outerspace03:26
  4. 4Night Go Slow03:29
  5. 5Show Up03:37
Catey Shaw Nov 30, 2014
Liner Notes

There was an editorial in the New York Times this past week reassuring all of us cads that smartphones and the like aren't making us dumber. Ok, cool. That's awesome. It's so good to know, but the argument was made that perhaps the worst thing that was happening to all of us is that we're so intent on being entertained every second of the day that it wasn't our attention spans that were in the cross hairs, but rather something quite a bit more serious. We are more demanding of our stimuli and therefore awfully harsh. That's certainly were it's most harsh -- that point where we're so insistent on everything to be spectacular. We are willing to keep ourselves distracted by whatever moving pictures and quick edits of video content that are meant to grab us and work us for a pint-sized amount of time, when we should really be paying closer attention to our children or that lovely flesh and blood person that's standing, sitting or lying before us. Brooklyn musician Catey Shaw has a way of reminding us about the bullshit that we've gotten ourselves sucked into. She writes about the ways in which we're shortchanging ourselves. There are so many different things that we should be heckled for. We can admit that we're fools. We're mostly no good with interpersonal communication. It's what we all need to work on. Most relationships fail horribly because we will never be able to put our own laundry and garbage aside long enough to care for other people the way that they need to be cared for, or the way the deserve to be cared for. Shaw's "Human Contact," is one of those songs that starts up like a Dent May song and then takes us into a life lesson of not sweating the small stuff and just getting a little skin in the game, becoming someone who might be willing get a little vulnerable as a human being.