Carole King

Sample this concert
  1. 1The Hard Rock Cafe04:47
  2. 2Smackwater Jack04:50
  3. 3Song Intro00:14
  4. 4If It's Over03:40
  5. 5Song Intro00:19
  6. 6Colour Of Your Dreams03:11
  7. 7Song Intro02:07
  8. 8Beautiful04:47
  9. 9Do You Feel Love05:25
  10. 10Song Intro00:12
  11. 11Now And Forever03:25
  12. 12Song Intro00:42
  13. 13Hold Out For Love06:49
  14. 14Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?04:11
  15. 15Song Intro00:43
  16. 16URST (Unresolved Sexual Tension)03:34
  17. 17Song Intro01:05
  18. 18Send My Baby Back To Me00:47
  19. 19Song Intro00:09
  20. 20Go Away Little Girl01:00
  21. 21Don't Bring Me Down / Don't Go Away02:59
  22. 22Jazzman06:27
  23. 23Band Introductions01:57
  24. 24Way Over Yonder05:30
  25. 25Chains04:35
  26. 26Canaan / You've Got A Friend09:35
Liner Notes

Carole King: Piano, Lead Vocals; Teddy Andreadis: Keyboards, Piano, Harmonica, Vocals; Bill Mason: Keyboards; Rudy Guess: Guitar ,Vocals; Danny Pelfrey: Guitar, Saxophone, Flute, Vocals; John Humphrey: Bass; Jerry Angel: Drums; Brie Howard Darling: Percussion, Vocals; Sherry Goffin: Vocals (Lead Vocals on 19); Linda Lawley: Vocals