Carmen McRae

Sample this concert
  1. 1Band/Instrumental12:56
  2. 2Band/Instrumental07:28
  3. 3Haven't We Met02:34
  4. 4The Man I Love / Star Eyes07:25
  5. 5Guess Who I Saw Today03:32
  6. 6Hey John03:13
  7. 7I'm Always Drunk In San Francisco03:31
  8. 8Inside a Silent Tear02:22
  9. 9You Know Who You Are05:49
  10. 10Paint Your Pretty Picture06:48
  11. 11The Trouble With Hello Is Goodbye04:15
  12. 12Elusive Butterfly03:08
  13. 13Guess I'll Hang My Tears Out To Dry04:53
  14. 14I Never Felt This Way Before03:38
  15. 15The Ballad Of Thelonious Monk03:51
  16. 16On a Clear Day02:40
  17. 17I Wish You Well04:29