Carlene Carter & The Rumour

Sample this concert
  1. 1Smoke Dreams02:05
  2. 2Alabama Morning03:58
  3. 3I've Been There Before03:14
  4. 4Baby, Better Start Turnin' Em Down03:30
  5. 5Jackson03:21
  6. 6Easy From Now On03:30
  7. 7Who Needs Words03:06
  8. 8Never Together (But Close Sometimes)02:41
  9. 9It Takes More Than A Hammer And Nails To Make A House A Home04:46
  10. 10Fool In Love02:59
  11. 11Lies03:52
  12. 12Man Smart, Woman Smarter03:35
Liner Notes

Carlene Carter - vocals, guitar; Brinsley Schwarz - lead guitar; Martin Belmont - guitar; Bob Andrews - organ, piano, electric piano; Andrew Bodnar - bass; Steve Goulding - drums

Carlene Carter (daughter of June Carter Cash, stepdaugher of Johnny Cash, half-sister of Roseanne Cash) went to London to record her debut album with Graham Parker's band, and ended up marrying the producer. They were about 15 years ahead of their time in mixing Nashville and rock with a touch of soul. It was no suprise that Carlene finally became a country star in the 1990s. Carlene Carter has had her problems subsequently, but at this time, everybody was young and strong and she had talent and charisma to go. The Rumour, at the time, seemed to be the heir apparents to The Band, and had some fine, if now obscure, albums of their own, and Graham Parket looked to be the Van Morrison of the 80s.

The Carlene and The Rumour combination only did the one brief American tour, but fortunately a number of radio broadcasts survive. The next summer, for her second album, Carlene toured with the remnants of Clover (another band produced by Nick Lowe, though formally broken up by then). That tour was excellent too, but there were no known radio broadcasts of it, more's the pity.