Calvin Johnson Sep 25, 2013

Calvin Johnson

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  1. 1A Woman Named Trudy03:27
  2. 2Blind In One Eye03:01
  3. 3Pine Shaped Box03:57
  4. 4Shake A Puddin04:01
  5. 5Sitting Alone At Movies03:06
  6. 6Somebodies Phone Is Ringing02:36
  7. 7The Dignity of Saint Jude02:39
Calvin Johnson Sep 25, 2013
Liner Notes

The land that the folks in Calvin Johnson songs occupy is full of the following disparate objects, feelings, phrases, beasts, aberrations and bits of wilderness:Talking treesCheesecakeLactationOpen soresOld men whittling on their front porchesEmpty movie theatersDebilitating alonenessThe sound of one's own rattling voiceA hot mess of squeamishnessMelted recordsSmall electrocutionsWatery gravesCertifiable looninessOdd deathsStrange curiositiesSplintered visionsSpooksMen walking around in dirty dress shirts and trousers - pulling it offWandering voicesClothing on the lineBloody socksRotary phonesSoda fountains and homemade fudgeLawn sculpturesCoal walkersBeds of nailsHoly water