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  1. 1Welcome to Daytrotter00:03
  2. 2Brainfreeze02:31
  3. 3Bully02:20
  4. 4Sharktooth03:22
  5. 5Milkman02:01
Bully Oct 17, 2014
Liner Notes

These are the feelings that come out of a body when it's been pent up, when the legs are packed with cramps and numbness. It's what comes when our dreams and our inner mumblings are scarily close to the surface, eeking out of the corners of our mouths like drool. They come to us when we've just spilled a beer all over the floor and instead of doing anything about cleaning the wet mess up, we just walk away as if it never happened, because -- really -- what an insignificant problem to have, a spilled beer. They come to us when we feel crumpled and haggard -- when our eyes are fried and sting like burns.

Bully lead singer Alicia Bognanno pins the emotions of the songs that this Nashville-based rock and roll band makes on very raw boned tatters. These flares spring from shadows and slap a good buzz on you, even if there's nothing on your breath, nothing in your blood yet. These songs will slam you up against a building, out in the alley and start making out with you if you aren't careful.