Bryan Ferry

  • Date Sep 12, 1983
  • Total Length 1:02:28
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Liner Notes

As the founder of Roxy Music, Bryan Ferry's influence has been felt far and wide. Roxy Music's style of art rock was an inspiration for the punk and new wave movements, and Ferry's unique fashion sense rippled through a large number of '80's bands who thrived on MTV.

This interview, recorded in 1983 with Lisa Robinson, considers Ferry's entire career. The conversation includes talk of his earliest days in music, from his original intentions for the band to overcoming his shyness in order to perform, and also has some interesting insights into his relationship with Brian Eno. The two also touch on his cycling careers as a solo artist and as the front man for Roxy Music, up to his initial plans for another solo album which would eventually be released as Boys and Girls in 1985. Throughout, Ferry seems slightly withdrawn, mirrored by his comments regarding his reluctance to tour and a few references to keeping his private life private. But Robinson is still able to obtain a great deal of information, making this a must-listen for Ferry fans.

Part 1
00:00 - Re-surfacing after 4 years
00:49 - Original intentions for Roxy Music
01:51 - Surprised by success / choosing music over art
04:15 - Old doubts about performing
04:53 - Overcoming shyness live and in the studio
06:26 - The troubles with American audiences
07:54 - The pros and cons of video: imagination, exposure
09:47 - Early Roxy Music videos / Lisa's TV show
10:52 - Delivering a tape to Richard Williams of Melody Maker
12:35 - Relationships with the British press over time
14:28 - Roxy Music's penchant for fashion and its effect on the press they received
16:20 - Why he stopped working with Brian Eno / staying in touch
17:38 - Not getting credit for his artistic expression and experimentation (Eno)
19:20 - Publishing concerns within Roxy Music (Eno)
20:38 - His first solo album: These Foolish Things
22:28 - Working with studio musicians vs. working with a band
24:08 - The upcoming, unfinished solo album
24:53 - The cause of the delay between solo albums
25:48 - The trilogy: Manifesto, Flesh and Blood, Avalon
26:26 - Why he released The High Road
27:24 - Re-recording Roxy Music songs as a solo artist
28:24 - Not having anyone to inspire him / working with Rhett Davies
30:16 - Feeling lazy with his work
30:54 - The recurring theme of unrequited love
32:30 - Avalon as a romantic album / direction of the new album
33:30 - Mustering up enthusiasm for touring
35:20 - Still enthusiastic about writing
36:25 - Past and present potential for a career in film / problems with the film industry
39:13 - Overcoming the fashion king stereotype
40:46 - Having depth behind the visual aspects of music
42:13 - Finding Ferry and Bowie through current music
43:25 - Why bands are imitating Roxy Music in 1983 (and not 1973)
44:42 - The impossibility of remaining artistically static
45:50 - Thoughts on his voice / developing his style
47:41 - Avoiding the loss of emotion while finding one's style
49:02 - Not succumbing to a rock and roll lifestyle (usually) / maintaining a private life
50:37 - A desire for dignity / light and dark in his music
52:12 - Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Charlie Parker
53:59 - Current musical challenges / overcoming laziness

Part 2
00:00 - Reason for the reluctance to tour the U.S.
00:55 - The current Roxy Music / avoiding a rut
02:02 - Feeling comfortable on stage and with the new band
03:56 - Married with a child
05:37 - True feelings about Roxy Music imitators