Bryan Adams

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  1. 1Remember04:23
  2. 2You Want It, You Got It04:12
  3. 3One Good Reason04:32
  4. 4Jealousy04:07
  5. 5Introduction00:28
  6. 6Tonight05:08
  7. 7Lonely Nights04:06
  8. 8Don't Look Now02:54
  9. 9Coming Home03:50
  10. 10Take Me Back07:30
  11. 11Fits Ya Good05:33
  12. 12I'm Ready07:25
  13. 13Hidin' From Love04:29
Liner Notes

Bryan Adams - vocals, guitar; John Hanna - keyboards; Keith Scott - guitar, vocals; Dave Taylor - bass, vocals; Jim Wesley - drums

This crowd of Bryan Adams fans is ready to usher in the New Year with an exuberant night at the Agora in Cleveland. Recorded for the King Biscuit Flower Hour Radio Concert Series, this concert took place early in Adams' very successful career.

Adams was promoting his second album You Want It, You Got It for this tour. This A&M release was his U.S. debut, but by this time, he had already amassed a number of hit songs. Some of these songs had been written by Adams for others such as Loverboy and Kiss, and they take on a life of their own when Adams offers up his own passionate versions. Later this month, You Want It, You Got It reached the Billboard charts. "Lonely Nights," featured here, became the biggest hit off the record. With his raspy voice and straightforward vocals, it solidified Adams as a worthy incarnation of artists like Bruce Springsteen and John Mellencamp.

Several of the songs from this show would go on to be staples in Bryan Adams concerts for the future. "Fits You Good," "You Want It, You Got It," "One Good Reason," "Jealousy," "Tonight," and "I'm Ready" all went on to become big or medium sized FM radio hits. Adams admits early in the show that it is the first performance with the band's newest bass player, and it is obvious they were a little rough around the edges, but overall it is still a memorable rock 'n' roll experience. Other highlights from this show include "Remember," "Don't Look Now," "Take Me Back" and the show closer "Hidin' From Love."