BROODS Feb 27, 2014


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  1. 1Welcome to Daytrotter00:05
  2. 2Never Gonna Change03:28
  3. 3Taking You There03:30
  4. 4Bridges04:08
BROODS Feb 27, 2014
Liner Notes

These stark renditions of the songs of New Zealand band Broods take us to a drizzly evening where you can't avoid stepping in puddles and dodging drops. Cars drive by us and the swoosh of tires on soggy pavement sounds like people eating noisily. Your shoes are damp and your sticking humidly to your legs. The night's either dark on purpose, or for another reason that has nothing to do with the position of the sun. These songs let us into into a place where we're being worked on, or worked over. The years are draining. We're not draining the years like we thought we'd be by now. The night is distressed, just as our muscles are. We can barely lift our bones enough to rattle them around the room, or over to the fridge for another beer. Lead singer Georgia Nott and her brother/multi-instrumentalist Caleb Nott deliver us these heady dramas in which people are coming and going, passing in these kinds of nights and falling in with one another out of necessity or out of convenience. Sometimes it all works out. Sometimes it rains.