Boys Brigade

Sample this concert
  1. 1Photos And Memories05:10
  2. 2Africa04:18
  3. 3Heart Of Steel03:33
  4. 4The Passion Of Love03:42
  5. 5House Of Glass / Fineline09:59
  6. 6Down In The Well04:33
  7. 7Touch Glass (Incomplete)03:17
  8. 8Saigon04:48
  9. 9Black And White09:15
  10. 10Exodus (Instrumental)04:25
  11. 11The Hunter04:53
  12. 12Melody / Into The Flow08:24
  13. 13Mannequin03:34
  14. 14Cut Up (Breaking Glass)04:38
  15. 15Steps / Afterglow07:03
  16. 16Photos And Memories04:15
  17. 17Runaway / Blowin' In The Wind10:00
Liner Notes

Malcolm Burn - lead vocals, keyboards, percussion; Tony Lester - guitar, vocals, percussion; Wayne Lorenz - bass, percussion; Billie Brock - drums, background vocals, percussion; David Porter - percussion, background vocals; Jeff Packer - percussion, background vocals

Boys Brigade came and went in 1982 with one critically acclaimed album on Capitol EMI Records and a well publicized relationship with Rush's Geddy Lee, who produced them. What made Boys Brigade stand out was their strong use of percussionists in a standard rock/new wave format. Most of the material performed at this show, which was originally recorded for the King Biscuit Flower Hour, came from the band's first and only disc, which produced one hit single in Canada, "Melody."

Vocalist and keyboardist Malcolm Burn was the brainchild and leader of the band, but the real genius was the dual percussion work of David Porter and Jeff Packer and the drumming of Billie Brock. Their work is exceptional, especially on "Photos and Memories," "Africa," "Cut Up", and "Breaking Glass." Credit should also be given to Tony Lester, who is an exceptional guitarist.

The reason Boys Brigade never flourished is because they never decided what kind of band they wanted to be. It was the early '80s and the dawn of MTV, so there was a bent to do programmed synth fills and drums, and Boy Brigade often mixed tech-driven new wave with more traditional rock stylings, though the blend didn't always work.

Still, there is plenty of strong material showcased here at this Poughkeepsie, N.Y. show, including "Photos and Memories," "Heart Of Steel," "Saigon" and the aforementioned hit single, "Melody." Also included here is an interesting ten-minute medley that combined the Del Shannon classic "Runaway" with a hi-tech new wave version of Dylan's "Blowin' In The Wind."

Of the members of Boys Brigade, Burn had the most post-band success. He went on to produce a diverse body of artists including Iggy Pop, Emmylou Harris, Midnight Oil, and Blue Rodeo.

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