Sample this concert
  1. 1Crowd / Introduction01:05
  2. 2Rock And Roll Band03:52
  3. 3Peace Of Mind05:09
  4. 4Its Been Such A Long Time Interlude / Tom Scholz solo05:41
  5. 5Don't Look Back06:08
  6. 6More Than A Feeling11:22
  7. 7Monologue: Good To Be Home /Introducing the Third Stage album00:45
  8. 8Amanda04:21
  9. 9We're Ready04:15
  10. 10Cool The Engines (incomplete)07:35
  11. 11My Destination / A New World03:37
  12. 12To Be A Man03:39
  13. 13I Think I Like It04:01
  14. 14Can't You Say You Believe In Me06:23
  15. 15Hollyann07:39
  16. 16Acknowledgements and Band Introductions06:24
  17. 17Foreplay / Long Time09:51
  18. 18thank yous / encore applause 1 02:4602:46
  19. 19Feelin' Satisfied04:57
  20. 20Something About You03:22
  21. 21Used To Bad News03:05
  22. 22Let Me Take You Home Tonight05:19
  23. 23Party04:00
Liner Notes

Brad Delp - lead vocals, percussion; Tom Scholz - guitar, vocals; Gary Pihl - guitar, vocals; David Sikes - bass, vocals; Jim Masdea - drums, percussion; Doug Huffman - drums, percussion, keyboards, vocals

Following a six-year hiatus, fraught with legal battles with both management and their record company, Boston fans finally had reason to celebrate in September of 1986, when the group finally issued their long awaited third album. Titled Third Stage, this album would soon top the charts and become the first album in CD format ever to be certified gold.

The following year Boston would hit the road, selling out arenas across North America. Performing material from all three of their albums, including a complete performance of the Third Stage album in it's entirety, this tour was a dream come true for Boston fans. The most legendary stand of this tour occurred at the tail end of the first leg, when Boston embarked on a monumental 10 night stand at the 12,000 seater Centrum in Worcester, Massachusetts, performing before highly receptive home state audiences. Opening and closing with plenty of classic material from their first two albums and featuring a complete live performance of the Third Stage album sandwiched in between, here is the 7th night of that remarkable 10 night stand, presented in its entirety.