Bonnie Raitt

Sample this concert
  1. 1Bill Graham intro and Bonnie Raitt opening banter04:04
  2. 2About To Make Me Leave Home00:24
  3. 3Banter: "Put that decade where the sun don't shine"04:18
  4. 4Talk To Me00:54
  5. 5Banter: "Man, this is fun!"00:40
  6. 6Green Lights04:43
  7. 7Band Intros00:59
  8. 8Too Soon To Tell04:27
  9. 9Cry On My Shoulder04:06
  10. 10Banter: "It's blues time"00:36
  11. 11Love Me Like A Man03:48
  12. 12Give It Up Or Let Me Go04:11
  13. 13Banter: "How 'bout my band?"01:28
  14. 14Thing Called Love04:14
  15. 15Song Intro00:48
  16. 16Love Letter04:18
  17. 17Banter: "We had bacon in the pan on that one"01:08
  18. 18Three Time Loser04:00
  19. 19Banter: "What a blessing this is"05:18
  20. 20Nick Of Time00:39
  21. 21Dedication to Lowell George04:05
  22. 22River Of Tears00:22