Bob Seger and The Silver Bullet Band

Sample this concert
  1. 1P.A. Music / audience / tuning00:20
  2. 2Feel Like A Number04:05
  3. 3Travelin' Man / Beautiful Loser09:07
  4. 4Still The Same03:35
  5. 5Mainstreet04:21
  6. 6Old Time Rock and Roll05:33
  7. 7Turn The Page06:11
  8. 8Against The Wind05:42
  9. 9Her Strut04:00
  10. 10Horizontal Bop04:33
  11. 11Fire Lake03:54
  12. 12Betty Lou's Getting Out Tonight03:26
  13. 13We've Got Tonite05:11
  14. 14Brave Strangers07:01
  15. 15Fire Down Below05:17
  16. 16Ramblin' Gamblin' Man03:05
  17. 17Katmandu05:20
  18. 18Night Moves05:49
  19. 19Hollywood Nights04:57
  20. 20Rock & Roll Never Forgets03:39
  21. 21Rock & Roll Medley (includes Let It Rock / Shake It Baby / Little Queenie / Do You Like To Rock? / Jam / Let It Rock )09:48
Liner Notes

Bob Seger - vocals, guitar, piano; Drew Abbott - guitar; Craig Frost - keyboards; Chris Campbell - bass, vocals; Alto Reed - organ, flute, saxophone; David Teegarden - drums, vocals; Shaun Murphy - vocals, percussion; Colleen Beaton - vocals; Kathy Lamb - vocals

Following years of modest regional success, the 1976 album Live Bullet, recorded live at Detroit's Cobo Hall, would catapult Bob Seger's career. It would also begin an astounding 5-year stretch where Seger and his Silver Bullet Band would dominate American radio and everything Seger touched seemingly turned to gold. The three studio albums to follow during this golden era, Night Moves, Stranger In Town and the number one Grammy Award wining Against The Wind, would each deliver numerous hits and many permanent staples of classic rock radio.

On Seger 's 1980 tour, he successfully made lightning strike twice by recording a sequel to Live Bullet. The result was Nine Tonight, originally released as a 2 LP set. This outstanding live album would truly capture Seger's special brand of heartland rock and the power and excitement of the Silver Bullet Band at its peak. Many consider this album the absolute best encapsulation of Seger's golden era (and that is not overlooking his Greatest Hits).

Decades later, journey back to the penultimate concert from the 1980 tour, when Seger and The Silver Bullet Band returned to their home stomping grounds at Detroit's Cobo Hall, presented here for the first time ever in it's unedited entirety! This recording is a terrific overview of Seger's peak era, from raunchy rockers to heartfelt ballads and everything in between, all performed with fire and passion. It all culminates in a second encore of "Rock And Roll Never Forgets" that smokes the studio recording before launching into an extended tribute to Chuck Berry and classic rock & roll, where the raw energy of this band and the chemistry between Seger and his audience is undeniable.