Bob Mould

Sample this concert
  1. 1Wishing Well05:00
  2. 2Hoover Dam02:48
  3. 3Needle Hits E02:45
  4. 4Your Favorite Thing03:22
  5. 5Fort Knox, King Solomon02:55
  6. 6Can't Help You Anymore03:10
  7. 7After All The Roads Have Led To Nowhere03:18
  8. 8Explode and Make Up04:06
  9. 9Hardly Getting Over It05:46
  10. 10Poison Years05:14
  11. 11Brasilia Crossed With Trenton07:53
  12. 12Sinners And Their Repentances04:23
  13. 13Celebrated Summer04:23
  14. 14Roll Over And Die03:35
Liner Notes

Bob Mould - vocal, guitar; Andrew DuPlantis - bass