Blue Dream Jan 2, 2018

Blue Dream

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  1. 1Welcome to Daytrotter00:07
  2. 2Nocturne No. 5 (Ft. Jarl Carlander)04:38
  3. 3UFO03:10
  4. 4Locked In A Daze03:31
  5. 5Turn On & Tune In05:47
Blue Dream Jan 2, 2018
Liner Notes

Blue Dream is a psych rock band from Chicago. It's also the name of a popular sativa strain of marijuana, an association one has to assume the listener might make. If you're willing to test your imagination and stretch your definitions, a description of one Blue Dream could describe the other. Blue Dream induces a "calm euphoria," a feeling of intensity that is delivered in a laid-back fashion. See?This isn't psych rock that wants you to stare at the wall and see shapes, but rather music that wants you to run around and tell people about aliens. It wants you to tune in and drop out just as much as Timothy Leary would have wanted yet still remains wrapped in an energetic noise rock exterior. The frantic pacing and distorted guitars echo bands like Sonic Youth, while some chord progressions, melodies, and the vocal style reflect classic rock bands like Deep Purple. This session begins with an extended piano intro from a friend of the band. It goes on for a good portion of the session but builds dramatically throughout and serves as a starting point for comparison before the high of Blue Dream kicks in. The final song stops and starts, comes back and revives itself in different forms. It's a journey that won't make a lot of sense in the moment but it will once the haze clears up a little bit.