Billy Idol

Sample this concert
  1. 1Ready Steady Go03:21
  2. 2Baby Talk03:37
  3. 3Blue Highway06:04
  4. 4Untouchables04:32
  5. 5Eyes Without A Face05:32
  6. 6(Do Not) Stand In The Shadows03:07
  7. 7Love Calling06:20
  8. 8Flesh For Fantasy07:44
  9. 9Hot In The City06:50
  10. 10White Wedding08:42
  11. 11Rebel Yell05:44
  12. 12Dancing With Myself05:05
  13. 13Kiss Me Deadly05:04
Liner Notes

Billy Idol - vocals; Steve Stevens - guitar, vocals; Tommy Price - drums; Steve Webster - bass; Jody Dozier - keyboards

This is the first of two sets played at Chicago's Poplar Creek amphitheater in June of 1984. Idol had been on the scene for over two years, and had been scoring radio hits with every single he released. After two years on the road, his back up band led by the guitarist extraordinaire Steve Stevens was lava hot. Idol, unlike many of his contemporaries who had emerged from London's late '70s punk era, had learned how to take raw punk energy and merge it with a true pop sensibility. He was already a huge draw from his exposure on FM radio, and hit singles like "White Wedding" and "Eyes Without A Face" were strong enough to place him securely on the pop charts.

The first set heard on this recording contains mostly album tracks and older tunes from his Gen X days, which build the audience up to a fever pitch. They keep the momentum going by throwing in hits like "Flesh for Fantasy" and "Eyes Without A Face." The real one-two punch comes in the second set.

Idol was riding high off the widespread success of "Rebel Yell," the hit song featured in the second set. He had become a mainstay at the relatively new phenomenon called MTV. Idol and his hot backing band would remain a major concert draw in the U.S. and abroad well into the 1990s.

Remaining quiet in the 1990s, Idol fought off a number of personal demons while waiting for his music to come back into favor. Featured as a key character in the Adam Sandler/Drew Barrymore feature film comedy the Wedding Singer, Idol suddenly found himself and his music very much back in favor.

He has remained an active recording and touring artist, and continues to work with Steve Stevens.