Billy Bragg

Sample this concert
  1. 1Sexuality03:15
  2. 2Banter: Making fun of hipsters01:56
  3. 3No One Knows Nothing Anymore03:48
  4. 4Banter: Picking on crowd member01:59
  5. 5Handyman Blues02:53
  6. 6Banter: Record company jokes00:27
  7. 7Shirley03:41
  8. 8Banter: Mars rover01:06
  9. 9My Flying Saucer01:59
  10. 10Banter: Politics of identity01:34
  11. 11I Ain't Got No Home In This World Anymore03:41
  12. 12Banter: Pope02:49
  13. 13Do Unto Others03:32
  14. 14Banter: Spirituality00:34
  15. 15Waiting For The Great Leap Forward04:37
  16. 16Banter: Amanda Palmer intro02:14
  17. 17The World Turned Upside Down03:19
  18. 18Play Your Ukulele06:29