Bessie Jones and the Georgia Sea Island Singers

Sample this concert
  1. 1Come Out The Wilderness01:43
  2. 2What You Gonna Do?05:19
  3. 3Children's Song02:53
  4. 4Song Introduction00:56
  5. 5Children's Song01:22
  6. 6Where Shall I Be When the First Trumpet Sounds03:58
  7. 7Song Introduction01:07
  8. 8Step It Down01:29
  9. 9Song Introduction00:48
  10. 10Way Down Yonder In the Brickyard02:01
  11. 11The Lord Is My Shepherd02:59
  12. 12Get In Union, Jesus Is A-Listenin03:38
  13. 13By and By02:08
  14. 14Clap Demonstration (Incomplete)02:15