Sample this concert
  1. 1Masquerade05:00
  2. 2The Metro04:48
  3. 3Pictures of You05:59
  4. 4World of Smiles03:57
  5. 5Now It's My Turn04:18
  6. 6Touch and Go03:47
  7. 7Lost In The Crowd04:42
  8. 8Pleasure Victim04:09
  9. 9Rumor Of Love04:49
  10. 10Touch03:33
  11. 11Tell Me Why05:42
  12. 12Sex (I'm A..)07:40
  13. 13Dancing In Berlin06:03
  14. 14When We Make Love07:12
Liner Notes

Terri Nunn - vocals; John Crawford - bass; David Diamond - keyboards; Matt Reid - keyboards; Rick Olsen - guitars; Rob Brill - drums

Berlin emerged in the early 1980s, with the dawn of MTV. Fronted by the sexy and alluring Terri Nunn, the group initially charted with the techno-pop hit, "Sex (I'm A…)," which played off Nunn's overt sexuality and a heavy use of synthesizers. The L.A. based group that began as a trio (consisting of Nunn, bassist John Crawford and keyboardist David Diamond) grew to the six-piece lineup featured here with the addition of guitarist Rick Olsen, keyboardist Matt Reid and drummer Rob Brill.

Berlin gained their initial exposure from the release of an EP called Pleasure Victim. The EP went gold (almost unheard of for a release that is not a full album), primarily from the strength of "Sex (I'm A…)," and a steady diet of West Coast live shows.

This concert was recorded between the release of Pleasure Victim and the band's first full length LP, Love Life, which was cut the following year. The band one hears on this recording is still fairly fresh, and searching somewhat for their musical identity, but are certainly heading in the right direction. Highlights of the set include "Pleasure Victim," "Sex (I'm A…)," and "When We Make Love."

It would still be a few years down the road before the band recorded a ballad called "Take My Breath Away" that would be ultimately be chosen as the love theme for the film Top Gun. This recording, made four years earlier in 1982, was originally done for the King Biscuit Flower Hour at New York's legendary Savoy Theater. The group remained popular until 1987, when Nunn left to pursue a solo career and the band collapsed.